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Use case examples

In this page we will show you some of the use cases and practical examples to get the most out of NotifyThis. You can see them in action in our demo at  https://demo.notifythis.me


Example 1: Improve conversions in your online store

Improve your online store conversions with our sales capture widget. You will be able to configure the image, colors, background, etc. Set where you want to redirect your users when they click on the notification.

Mejora tus conversiones



Example 2: Inform the users of your website, blog or store of any important news with our widget in bar format.

Example of use: inform your users that during vacations the orders of your online store may be delayed.




Example 3: Conversions notification

Create urgency in your customers with our conversion notifications. You will be able to import an unlimited number of conversions and they will appear with the frequency that you configure in notifythis.me.  

The user will see that people are buying your product and you will create a sense of urgency.



Example 4: Lead acquisition

Generate a database of users and emails with our popup window. You will be able to capture their email in a simple and attractive way for the user.



Example 5: Quickly inform your visitors of any news or promotions.

Our informative widget allows you to inform your users of any event happening on your website or company. You can add an image or video next to your message.