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What is NotifyThis?

NotifyThis is a complete social platform where you can create and manage campaigns and notifications for your website, and get complete reports and analytics on performance.

You can organize your projects by campaigns, and see the conversion rate of each one.



How does NotifyThis works?

NotifyThis helps you integrate social notification notifications into your website easily by following a few simple steps.

  1. First you create your account on NotifyThis.me.
  2. You create your first notification campaign, where you can create the notification that will be displayed on your website and configure many aspects of the notifications such as colors, triggers (dwell time, actions that trigger the notification, etc.).
  3. Install a Javascript code on your page

AND THAT'S IT! No more steps :) You don't need to have any programming skills to use our application.


What plans are available?

We have 3 basic plans:

You can take a look at all our prices and features of each plan in the Pricing page.


Do I have any commitment of permanence?

No. It's that clear and simple. You will be able to pay for the use you make of it, if you do not want to renew the service you can cancel it whenever you want.