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Marcos F.

Good product

"It's a great application, I haven't had much opportunity to use it yet, but what little I have done has been easy to use and has a lot of functionality."

Oscar R.

A complete app

"So far, I am happy with my purchase and would recommend NotifyThis to anyone looking for this type of app. The customer service is very efficient and the app offers all the features I need."

Francisco P.

Alert service for websites

"I recently purchased NotifyThis and so far I am very impressed with the offering. The user interface is easy to use and offers a lot of functionality."

María A.

Good application

"I had tried other products before with no success. I bought another notification app, but it was incomplete, full of bugs and zero support. NotifyThis is a solid product and I love it."

Antonio L.

My review

"I have been using it on one of my websites. It did not worsen the loading speed of my site in Page Speed unlike another similar plugin I bought and had to deactivate it."

WebDesign CO.

We use it at our agency

"It is simple and clear, and contains all the necessary information and statistics on campaign results."

User-friendly notifications management. Get more leads easily :)

Easy setup & integration on any website.

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